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What is Past Life Regression and How does it Work

Reincarnation is often a debated topic between people. Some people believe in a past life and some people don’t because they either clash with their beliefs, or it is too impossible to believe that such a thing exists. The idea of a past life may be too absurd for some people but there are those who are open and accept the idea. In fact, it is also possible to tap into one’s past life. This process is often called Past Life Regression.

There are many reasons as to why people undergo past life regression. People would often do this out of curiosity. There are people who do this to deal with a phobia and there are some who do it to release fears and anxiety.

Past life regression is basically the process of tapping into the numerous past lives that the soul has lived through and also identifying the different challenges that the people have experienced in their past life. This can help people shed light on a current issue or situation.

There are a few techniques that is used during past life regression but the most prominent is hypnotism. A person maybe hypnotized during a past life regression and you do not need to worry because you will still remain fully in control and aware of what’s happening. It would involve you going into a light trance or in a meditative relaxed state while in the couch or in a comfortable position.

You would get to relive how you died in your past life but you won’t feel the pain or the anxiety so there is no need for you to worry.

If you find out that there is a certain event in your past life that happened during a specific time in history then you may want to validate it by conducting a research on books.

The therapy in itself will not be able to change anything that has happened in the past life but it may help a person’s life more understandable. One would be able to correct a past behavior and ultimately get the chance to achieve a better future. 

Tips To Avoid Scams From Psychics

The internet is crawling with scams and empty promises from various psychics. This is disturbing news and not just done by individuals but companies as well. They pose as legitimate psychics and then through some scheming, they will be able to extort money from their unknowing clients. There are many things you can do and avoid so you won’t be ripped off of your hard-earned money. The first thing you should consider is by visiting online. Our online website is the one place you could go for an honest review of the best psychic services being offered online. We don’t evaluate website in any way but according to a set of factors. These factors include, but not limited to, accuracy of psychics, company reputation, types of readings offered, client satisfaction rate and pricing and guarantee.

To protect yourself from these frauds, here are some preventive measures you could exercise:

-          Look for the warning signs. Saying something that might be true about you doesn’t mean they are authentic. Evaluate first if the information is vague, general or something only you or a chosen few would know. This information might also be something you have provided unknowingly or they have acquired through some sources. To make sure, check up your name online and see what they can gather regarding yourself and your life.

-          Free readings that needs your personal information before proceeding is suspicious. This information might be used by them later on to charge you or extort money from you.

-          Don’t fall for the curse reading. This will later on lead to you paying before the curse is lifted.

-          Some fraud psychics might use the registered mail or email services in order to advertise their expertise to clients.

-          Don’t pay for anything that promises you something unrealistic such as a lucky charm or the winning combination for today’s lottery.

-          Before making any reading appointments, be sure that you have researched thoroughly. Visit review sites such as and visit the site of the reader as well.

-          Make sure that the terms of the reading are properly explained so you won’t have any surprise charges coming at you.

-          Trust your instincts.